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EPA Inspection Reveals Violations of Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule for Blue Springs, Mo., Renovation Company

Posted by on 10th May 2015

Release Date: 05/11/2015

Environmental News


(Lenexa, Kan., May 11, 2015) - EPA Region 7 conducted an inspection at Blue Springs Siding and Windows, LLC, in September 2014, which revealed violations of the Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Rule. As part of a settlement with EPA, the company has agreed to pay a $13,566 penalty to the United States.

According to an administrative consent agreement and final order filed today by EPA Region 7 in Lenexa, Kan., the inspection revealed that Blue Springs Siding and Windows, LLC, failed to maintain records of lead-safe work practices on two properties in Kansas City, Mo., and had not applied to become an EPA-certified firm at the time of the renovation work. The RRP Rule regulates lead-based paint activities, including renovation of residences built prior to 1978, and the certification of individuals and firms who are involved in these activities.

Blue Springs Siding and Windows subcontracted the renovations at the properties where the violations occurred. Under the RRP Rule, general contractors can be held liable for renovation work that subcontractors perform for the company. The general contractor and subcontractors must comply with all RRP Rule requirements. This includes record-keeping requirements (for example, handing out the Renovate Right pamphlet, keeping Lead-Safe Work Practices checklists, etc.) and work practices requirements (for example, training workers, putting up appropriate signs, using disposable impermeable material to contain dust and debris, etc.).

Renovation, repair and painting activities can create toxic lead dust when painted surfaces are disturbed. Lead exposure can cause a range of adverse health effects, from behavioral disorders and learning disabilities to seizures and death, putting young children at the greatest risk because their nervous systems are still developing. Today at least 4 million households have children who are being exposed to high levels of lead.

There are approximately half a million U.S. children ages 1-5 with blood-lead levels above 5 micrograms per deciliter (µg/dL), the reference level at which the Centers for Disease Control recommends public health actions be initiated.

EPA Commercials Encourage Parents To Hire Lead-Safe Certified Renovators

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RRP Rule For Public and Commercial Buildings

Many thanks to Paul for bringing this to our attention. If you don't respond with your input, the RRP Rule is on its way to include public and commercial buildings.Please respond to the Request For Comments. The EPA is currently in the process of determining whether renovation, repair, and painting activities on public and commercial [...]

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