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Posted on February 20, 2013


If you're a state licensed contractor that did not get RRP certified then the EPA knows who you are. We are getting reports that the EPA hired a research firm to cross-reference state contractor license databases with the EPA's certified contractor list. This gave the EPA a list of every licensed contractor that was not RRP certified. So apparently in a EPA newsletter targeted for RRP trainers they announced that on January 9, the EPA began mailing postcards to uncertified renovation contractors in target areas to remind them of their obligation to become certified

If you're already certified and following the law then you are safe from the fines that are coming down the pipe. It seems as though the EPA are finally making a concerted effort to to go after uncertified individuals and firms. Here is a copy of the text concerning the announcement that one of our vendors forwarded us.
"To increase lead safety and awareness of the regulation, on January 9, EPA began mailing a postcard to uncertified renovation contractors in target areas, including states that lack an EPA-authorized RRP program and have significant amounts of older housing. EPA's goal is to remind these contractors of their obligation to become certified. In addition, EPA wants to level the playing field for those contractors who are already certified. EPA has specifically targeted uncertified contractors for this mailing and made best efforts to exclude certified contractors. However, a small number of these postcards may inadvertently reach already-certified contractors. If your clients (already-certified firms) alert you that they have received this postcard, please convey EPA's appreciation for their attention to this regulation and for their efforts to protect their clients and your community. They may disregard it or pass it on to their competitors who are not certified."

The postcard is available for viewing or reproduction at:http://www.epa.gov/lead/pubs/postcard.pdf
Doreen Cantor Paster
Associate Chief, Lead, Heavy Metals, & Inorganics Branch
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (7404T)
1 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20460

EPA Lead Website: epa.gov/lead
Report RRP violations at: epa.gov/tips
Construction Industry Compliance Center: cicacenter.org
General public lead information: leadfreekids.org