EPA Audit Tracker

It’s the year 2020, and we are bringing the focus of lead paint testing back on the map, for both contractors and the general public!

By popular demand, we are bringing back our EPA Audit Tracker initiative. The EPA Audit Tracker was previously the initiative where we would collect stories from contractors and other people having to comply with the RRP regulation by having correct record keeping as a contractor.

If EPA audits have started in your area, or you know someone who is being audited for compliance with the RRP regulation, we kindly ask you that they submit their stories through here so we can better track everything.

Tell your story and help other contractors stay informed about what is happening in your neighborhood by filling out the form below. Then see your story and see what others are saying on our interactive map.

We have not received any stories after launching but will be publishing them as they come in. Please strive to be as detailed as possible in your descriptions with regards to questions and various information that is being requested so we can all learn from the experiences shared in the community.

Make sure to bookmark this page in order to easily be able to find it in the future, or whatever is the normal thing to do in 2020.

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