3M Lead Check Swabs (8-pack)

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Contractors, this is the product your looking for. This, EPA recognized, 8 swab kit comes with professionals in mind.

8 Test Swabs come with Instructions to test Painted Surfaces, Lead Chromate, Paint on Stucco, Red Surfaces / Red Lead, Plumbing Solder and Metal Alloys, Dust Screening, Testing for Lead On Vinyl Products, Testing for Lead in Electronics, Detection for Lead Deposits on Skin, Fabric, Clothing, or Rugs

LEADCHECK® Swabs will allow you to safely test for the existence of lead. These Easy to use, non-toxic and disposable LEADCHECK® Swabs will work on any surface, instantly turning pink when lead is present. There are no hidden steps or lengthy procedures. The entire test procedure is so convenient that it can be performed anywhere in 30 seconds.

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