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3M™ LeadCheck™

3M™ LeadCheck™ Swabs are disposable, hassle-free and straightforward to utilize. Just swab practically any area or material including painted wood, metal, plaster or drywall. When lead is found, 3M™ LeadCheck™ Swabs turn red on contact. The substantial majority of test situation results are provided in less than 30 seconds. Simple to use: just crush, shake and swab. RED MEANS LEAD™! Each kit includes test verification cards to verify individual test results.

On April 22, 2010, the EPA issued a federal mandate requiring contractors remodeling, restoring or painting buildings built before 1978, to test for lead and utilize lead-safe methods. 3M™ LeadCheck™ Swabs, was the first commercially offered instant lead detection test accepted by the EPA for use on wood and metal. As of April 1, 2012 3M™ LeadCheck™ Swabs are also EPA recognized for use on drywall and plaster areas.

LeadCheck™ Swabs are a cost-effective tool to assist RRP-certified contractors acquire work. If a swab becomes red in 30 seconds, lead is present, and contractors may use the visible result to teach homeowners on the damaging effects of lead and lead poisoning. And |because 3M™ LeadCheck™ Swabs only turn red |whenever lead is |found, there are no false-positives from the customer’s point of view. Therefore bid the job accordingly using RRP lead-safe work methods. Contractors not complying with the RRP rule could bid cheaper, however this could leave homeowners and their family members at risk of exposure to lead. A contractor showing concern for the {security} of the homeowners and their families |illustrates professionalism and dependability. And they couldn't be easier to use: just crush, shake and swab. RED MEANS LEAD!

3M™ LeadCheck™ Swabs come in practical packaging so renovation providers with multiple crews can assure the entire company retains compliance. 3M™ LeadCheck™ offers 2-Swab, 8-Swab, 48-Swab counts, each in a protective, tough package. Keep your crews compliant and effective for dollars per project. Our customer support reps can assist you in determining the correct amount of Swabs for your crews and answer any inquiries you may have.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) necessitates the quantity of lead in paint to be less than 90 parts per million (ppm) and the quantity of lead in children's products to be less than 100 ppm. 3M™ LEADCHECK™ SWABS ARE PRESENTLY UNABLE TO SCREEN FOR LEAD IN PAINT OR IN CHILDREN'S PRODUCTS AT THESE LEVELS. 3M™ LeadCheck™ Swabs can screen to 600 ppm.