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Check4Lead.com sells RRP and EPA Recognized 3M LEAD CHECK lead paint test manufactured by the smart people of 3M. Check4Lead.com is committed to helping service professionals and parents stay on top of the lead hazards that exist in with home renovations and consumer products. Our Lead Check Swabs are RRP EPA recognized as safe and effective. The consequences of lead poisoning can be permanent. Vigilance is not an option. Our online store sells lead check swabs and water lead tests.

The RRP Rule and the Lead Paint Test Kit

The Environmental Protection Agency ( “EPA”) has implemented a series of regulations, rules, and procedures (RRP) to reduce lead poisoning resulting from renovation, repair, and painting. The process of checking for lead paint or for lead in other surface requires a method for lead detection. There are currently three Lead Test Kits recognized by the EPA for testing for Lead Paint and/or lead in other surfaces. You should always use lead tests that include confirmation cards to verify that the individual test results are valid:

What Every Parent Should Know About Lead Poisoning

Renovators, let's not forget why RRP is so important.

  1. Blood lead levels as low as 10 micrograms/deciliter (µg/dL) are associated with harmful effects on children's learning and behavior. We should try to prevent the occurrence of blood lead levels of 10 µg/dL and above in children. Even lower levels may cause a measurable reduction in IQ.
  2. Very high blood lead levels cause devastating health consequences including seizures, coma, and death.
  3. Children with venous blood lead levels of 20 µg/dL or above or with venous BLLs in the range of 15-19 µg/dL over a period of at least 3 months need a doctor's care.
  4. Elevated BLLs in children are a major preventable health problem that affects children's mental and physical health. The higher a child's BLL and the longer it persists, the greater the chance that the child will be affected. Elevated blood lead levels can result in:
    1. learning disabilities.
    2. behavioral problems.
    3. mental retardation at extremely high levels (70 µg/dL or higher), seizures, coma, and even death.

An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure

Have children tested for lead and treated as required. Stop children from coming in contact with lead by making sure your home is lead-safe. Create barriers between living/play areas and lead hazards. This includes soil where a child is exposed, toys, Christmas Lights, Power Cords, etc. Be aware of their playmates that have lead poisoning. This could give you a clue to the source of a lead hazard. Have your child tested immediately. Beware of any facility, daycare, school, or any construction before 1978…they are likely to contain lead.

Check4Lead.com sells a lead test kit with instructions to help you make your home Lead-Safe

We market the Lead Test Swabs that are recognized by the EPA for detecting lead on surfaces. The Lead Test Kit for parents and the Professional Lead Test Kit for contractors are the same except for the instructions. Parents are looking for existing lead hazards that are already exposed where contractors may possible create a lead hazard by disturbing existing construction which can cause lead dust. They must carefully perform a Lead Paint Test. Lead Check Swabs detect lead on painted surfaces and on other surfaces based on a reaction between lead and the lead reactive reagent. The color development increases in proportion to increasing lead concentration.




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