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The best XRF analyzer guns featured here can serve many purposes, including metal and lead paint testing. Get the handheld and portable X-Ray spectrometer at a price that works for you. 

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Handheld XRF analyzer devices for lead testing & more are for sale for prices ranging from $7,500 – $50,000, depending on your needs. Get quotes from competing companies to lower your cost.









Get easy samples analyzed in the field. You won’t find these XRF lead-testing guns on Amazon! Get the best price on handheld, portable XRF analyzers, and machines.

Get a lead detection gun today that can also be used for metals like gold. They’re great lead paint detector devices.

Here’s a list of things they’re commonly used for:

  • Identify alloys
  • Deliver geochemical data
  • Analyze precious metals
  • Determine coating weight
  • Elemental analysis

Here are some of the industries that use these machines:

  • Construction & environmental engineering
  • Mining & exploration
  • Precious metal recycling
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Metal fabricating
  • Oil & gas


xrf analyzer


Bulk 3M Lead Checks Swabs and D-Lead lead paint test kits are the two main EPA-recognized testing methods. It allows contractors and homeowners to comply with the RRP rule and help ensure your family’s safety.

With their ease of use and low cost, we have helped contractors detect the presence of lead in paint. It happens almost instantly!

XRF analyzer guns are great ways to live up to the rules. Get your handheld X-ray spectrometer machine from our website.

$25,000ThermoFisherXL2 800
$39,100ThermoFisherXl3t 800
$45,800ThermoFisherXL3t 980
$14,495Thermo Scientific
XLP 303A
$4,890.00Thermo Scientific
Niton DXL

Can these products test kids' toys?

The quantity found in children’s products must be less than 100ppm. Since most products offered can screen to 600 ppm, don’t rely on these tests for your children’s products.

Before buying these swabs, it’s also important that you make sure they work on the surface you intend on testing. 

Are they reliable

If used properly, the test kits that we sell on this site are so reliable that they have been approved by the EPA for RRP testing purposes and will give you a positive or negative response. 

You can also find products on the market that aren’t EPA-approved, although we only sell EPA-approved ones. 

You need to know about the two important products are 3M LeadCheck swabs and D-Lead lead test kits. Other products cannot be assumed to be reliable and won’t pass an EPA inspection which could mean you end up getting fined.

We also encourage you to consider XRF analyzer guns, which are great machines for spectroscopy.

XRF scanners provide a handheld solution at a price that depends on your needs. These guns can also test gold. Get the right instrument and lead detector device for your needs. 

How do you use them?

The easiest way to test your home for lead paint is with the D-Lead or 3M product we sell on this website. Using either one, you’ll be able to figure out if your home contains the material reliably. 

Follow the instructions on the product, and you’ll have your answer within 30 seconds.

Ways to testPros/cons
3M LeadCheckCheap
D-LeadCheap & comes with a great kit
XRFMore expensive, doesn’t leave marks.

Do home inspectors check for the material?

The various tests that inspectors do will vary. There isn’t a universal process they use, so the easiest way to figure out if they are going to or not is to ask them. However, it is fairly common for them to check if the home was built pre-1978.

Alternatively, you can check for yourself with the help of the products sold on this site. Make sure you get the right spectrometry machine.

The cost of an XRF analyzer ranges between $17,000 and $55,000. It’s the reason they’re mainly used by pros.

BrukerBillerica, MA, USA
Thermo Fisher ScientificWaltham, MA, USA
PerkinElmerWaltham, MA, USA
PanalyticalAlmelo, Netherlands
RigakuTokyo, Japan

Is it safe to use? 

To avoid contamination, operators need to undergo substantial training. It is often used in difficult environments to discover things like Pb or lead. You can find the differences in minerals and materials on different surfaces from displaced electrons. 
Results can then be uploaded to a desktop for industrial & environmental analysis through software included with these machines. Operators can have different use cases with different requirements and processing needs. You’ll be able to analyze a variety of elemental components, such as uranium and Mg, in all sorts of environments. 
These devices have the power and function to make compositional identification easier, thereby adhering to compliance requirements. 
Your screening needs have never been this easy to meet, whether in the manufacturing or mining business. 
X-ray fluorescence spectrometers are a great invention, adhering to industry standards. You may need sample preparation, but you’ll be working in no time with your detection needs.
Have you found out which device to get? 
  • Niton
  • Thermo Scientific
  • Elvatech
  • Xcalibur

X-ray analyzers work on various materials and can analyze lots of data. It has everything you need to analyze alloys.

Learn more about x-ray fluorescence, so you’ll know which detector is right for you with the needed performance. It’s your choice!

They can also perform elemental analysis of minerals and soil.

These small devices can reliably test:

  • plaster
  • drywall
  • ferrous metal
  • and wood

They are ideal for testing before remodeling.

Suppose you are hoping to use these kits on toys. It’s important to make sure that you check what type of material the toy is made of before you order from us. You may not get reliable results if the product is being used on a surface that was never intended for. 

As is stated in the section about whether or not these kits can be used on toys, toys are subject to different rules and limits than other surfaces. These products may not provide the necessary testing necessary down to the limits you are trying to test.

These easy-to-use swabs take 30 seconds. The results are almost instant and indicate if the lead is present when used correctly. When lead is present, the chemical turns red. On the other hand, Orange isn’t indicative of the presence of lead.

These are great for both interior and exterior walls. They’re great when old buildings start to show flaking or chipped parts.

NameInstant Lead Test
Usual quantity per pack8
Works in30 seconds
Keeping homes safe for years
Our mission has been to make it easy for pros and homeowners to get the necessary products. Get them from manufacturers that you can trust.

It's our goal to expand our product selection to help you with even more home improvement-related tasks.

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