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The terms and conditions for Check4Lead.com have been outlined on this page, whereas you are able to find other pages that address other topics on other pages that users may also find interesting, including our about us page, privacy policy page, our FAQ page and our cookie policy page.

By using the website Check4Lead.com or any other platform offered by TD Lead LLC, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined on this page, and you agree to have fully read and understood everything written on this page.

You additionally agree to stay updated about any changes to the terms and conditions of Check4Lead by visiting this page at the beginning of each visit.

By using this platform, you admit that these are legally binding terms outlining the legal use of the, and that we reserve the right to revise this document at any time for any reason without explicitly sending out notifications to users.

We also reserve all rights afforded by the laws of the state of North Carolina and the United States, and specifically reserve our rights, claims and defenses for any omission from the contents of this notice to you and other users of Check4Lead.

Your privacy and continued support of Check4Lead are our highest priorities why we encourage you to additionally read those pages too. You additionally agree to immediately leave Check4Lead and not visit Check4Lead if you find that you do not accept any and all terms outlined on the various pages, including our terms and conditions page and our privacy policy page.

Returns policy

We allow the return of most, unopened items within 30 days of delivery and will be able to provide a full refund in most cases, assuming the products are returned in the same condition they were shipped out. We do however, use our discretion to turn down the right to refund when we believe fraud or other disqualifying measures may have tampered the quality of the product, or when we believe you have provided us with false information.

We will pay the return shipping if we made an error. Each refund experience will be coordinated with the support staff at Check4Lead and we will work with you to find an appropriate way in dealing with the situation. We do however strive to be fair in our assessment of the situation and hope that you will be too.


We can ship to most countries in the world, although there are some products where it may not be possible. Shipping is usually based on the amount of weight being shipped, and we provide estimated weights of packages to provide you with the appropriate shipping rates as a consequence.

Cancellation of orders

We reserve the right to cancel any order for any reason in which situation we will work with you to provide a refund in a timely manner.

Intellectual property rights

Under these terms, Check4Lead.com and/or other individuals or businesses licensing information and intellectual property rights to the website, own the individually assigned intellectual property rights. The licenses granted to users are limited to only viewing the material contained on the various platforms, unless explicitly mentioned.

With the website, there are certain limitations and restrictions that we would like to specifically clarify. These are restrictions you will need to abide by and avoid doing in any circumstance unless written permission is expressly granted:

  • You are restricted from publishing any material from any platform owned by TD Lead LLC without written consent in any other media.
  • You are restricted from selling, sublicensing or otherwise using any of the website’s material for your own or someone else’s personal, financial or any other type of gain.
  • Engaging in any actions that may reasonably be believed to be damaging to the company or website.
  • You are restricted from doing anything that may impact other users’ access to anything published by Check4Lead.
  • You are restricted from using the website in any shape or form that do not abide by applicable laws and regulations, or that may otherwise cause harm to any person or business entity anywhere.

No warranties

We provide everything on this website as is with the potential for faults being published, and Check4Lead.com makes no claims or warranties that the material contain on this website is accurate. While we do seek to engage in hopefully ensuring accuracy of information, we make no claims of such. All information on this website should be understood as entertainment, and any information regarding lead testing or any other information on the website should be interpreted as advice.

Limitation of liability

Under no circumstance shall TD Lead LLC nor anyone associated with the website, company, in the form of any stakeholder, officer, director or employee be held liable for anything arising as a consequence of the use of this website. We shall not be held liable for any indirect, consequential or liability arising with the use of any of the products, information or other offerings of this website.

None of the content or information provided on this website are intended as substitutes for professional advice by a licensed professional. We encourage everyone to get in direct contact with the EPA regarding any questions they may have related to RRP or lead testing, or any other professional entity that may be able to help them.

More explicitly, we encourage everyone involved with any activity that may be covered by RRP regulation to personally familiarize themselves with the extent to which they may need to comply.

Limitation of indemnification

By using any offering by TD Lead, you hereby indemnify Check4Lead form any liability, costs, and demands or any possible damages arising from not following the terms and conditions outlined on this page.


We are allowed to transfer, assign and subcontract the rights and/or obligations outlined on this terms and conditions page without any notification. Users cannot assign, transfer or subcontract rights without written permission from Check4Lead.


At Check4Lead we are committed to staying compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act also known as TCPA, as was instituted by the FCC. By using this website, including leaving your contact information available for us, you agree and authorize Check4Lead and our partners to contact you over the phone or through the phone number, skype username, or other means, which may include automated phone calls and auto-dialers and text messages, despite being listed on a public “Do not call” list.

Site usage at own risk

By using this platform, you agree to do so at your own risk and you agree that your usage of this site is done at your own discretion.

Links to other websites

Although Check4Lead and its stakeholders try to ensure the safety of other websites that we mention, by using this platform you acknowledge and agree that we may have linked to other websites and that our linking to such websites does not imply approval, endorsement or otherwise partnerships with such platforms, and that you shall visit such websites at your own risk and use their information as such also, and that Check4Lead cannot be held liable for your usage of other websites that may be mentioned on Check4Lead. While we strive to review websites we mention, the field of lead testing is ever-changing and linked websites may not be up-to-date with the latest information, why we encourage you only to act on reliable and credible sources.


This document supersedes and cancels all previous agreements users may have had with Check4Lead and constitutes the entire terms and conditions agreement that users automatically agree to by using the platform.

In case any part of these terms are deemed to be invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction, the rest of the agreement will remain in effect. Only the part deemed invalid shall be deemed invalid.

With any questions related to the terms and conditions of this website, please contact Check4Lead for clarification.

Obligation to inform us about inaccuracies on the website

While we do everything we can to keep this blog and website accurate and updated, there will be times when we simply aren’t able to for various reasons. Perhaps the EPA has made a change to one of the policies, perhaps a new law has been introduced. By using this platform you agree to your obligation of informing us about inaccuracies on the website within 24 hours of realizing these inaccuracies exist.

On occasion we receive tips from users, and this helps us ensure that all the content has the quality that it needs.

Only for entertainment

While we would love for our content to be accurate in 100% of the cases, there may unfortunately be times when that simply isn’t the case. We are not doctors, nor are we government officials. We are simply worried citizens of a great country that try to do ever so slightly more in order to make it even greater, by reducing the exposure to lead. While we would prefer not having to put such disclosures on our website, you may have seen similar Youtube videos where the content creator starts out by saying that they are not a doctor – well, neither are we, and therefore all the information, content, data and services made available through this website need to be used as if it is only for entertainment. We urge you to reach out to both medical professionals and government professionals like the EPA when there is a specific question that you are looking for more and official recommendations on. We additionally often link to official government websites within the various articles we have published on here, but if you have any questions on how to go about otherwise finding valuable information you can go to our contact page and reach out to us.

We encourage you to go to the EPA’s website where they have a bunch of different sections that you can get additional information from: There is a link here. We also encourage you to go to the bottom of our front page where we have a bunch of articles that we have written on various lead related topics, arranged in the order of most recent, which will also take you to the blog we publish.

Our intention with the website

While we really wish we didn’t have to go through all of these various terms and conditions, we have however found it necessary to outline all your various rights on the site.

Our goal on this website is to help spread the necessary information about the potential health hazards associated with exposure to lead and the necessity for using the EPA-approved lead test kits that we sell on this website. Nothing in the world would make us happier than if everyone was adequately protected against lead exposure, even though it would mean there would be no basis for actually having and running, and investing in this platform, but the reality of the matter is that the US is still very far away from having everyone be adequately protected, and we’re on a mission to change that with every single kit that we sell. In addition to making it easier for consumers, contractors and state agencies that may choose to purchase from our site, to adequately test, we are also on a mission to spread awareness through the various guides that we provide.

Our website gets visited by hundreds of people every single day, and we are truly proud of the work we are doing – we sincerely believe that we are helping make the world a safer place with the initiatives we are doing. Every single home that gets lead abatement is one less home where there is a significant risk of exposure, and where kids will potentially be able to avoid the risks that the heavy metal pose to their health. While adults are at risk too, kids are definitely the most exposed, which you can also read about in our article that outlines painting while pregnant. Those years where a child is developing are simply crucial, and we want to help make sure that exposure to this heavy metal is at least not what will cause significant health damages that individuals will have to live with their entire lives.

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