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At Check4Lead, we take your privacy very seriously. We want you to understand how and why we use cookies to improve your experience when searching for lead test kits. It includes why we don’t believe that cookies are bad.

To start with, we want you to understand better what they do and how they help improve your experience.

We also encourage you to read our privacy policy page to understand better how we treat that topic to safeguard your information and interests.

What Are Cookies

We understand that the term cookies may scare many users who don’t know what they are. We use cookies doesn’t do anything harmful to your computer and will instead improve your experience. It helps when you’re keeping your family safe or ensuring that you stay compliant with RRP regulation. It’s no matter if you are a contractor or otherwise performing work covered by RRP.

Almost all professional websites that you use will use cookies to some extent. Some may use them more than others. The main idea is that a tiny file is downloaded to your computer. It allows the website owner to understand better how you interact with the website.

If you do not want cookies to be stored on your computer, you can disable them. However, there may be significant functionality that you lose out on from doing so.

If you scroll down the page, you can see what you need to do to disable cookies for Cookies may store which pages you visited, how long you visited a specific page and more. Suppose you previously visited a page on D-Lead. It might indicate that you are interested in those products. It can allow us to do certain things like show advertisements for those products when browsing the internet.

How We Use Cookies

There are many reasons why we choose to use cookies at Check4Lead. We assure you that none of those reasons are even the slightest bit malicious. We would love to allow you the option of only enabling cookies for certain purposes that are too technical. We have chosen not to pursue that option further.

With the inclusion of cookies, we can determine the most common paths our users go. It may often include starting on a page like testing drywall for lead paint. It would also be natural to seek out one of the EPA-approved products, like D-Lead. It is the product that we officially recommend. After visiting the D-Lead offer, you may start reading the various reviews of the product. You may then decide it is the one that suits your needs and you buy it.

However, there are also other scenarios where you might have intended to buy the product. Still, an issue with the website caused it not to work when you tried to process it. While you meant to come back to the website at a later point to try it out, life got in the way. You just entirely forgot about it.

We encourage you to both bookmarks and set reminders to visit interesting pages on Check4lead that you have come across. You might be interested in further exploring in the future. We also realize that sometimes life gets in the way. You don’t get some of the things you thought you would get done. It’s entirely okay, and we understand. We make the same mistakes too.

Maybe we see that you may have had an interest in perhaps reading an article or buying one of the lead tests, but you didn’t do it. We may decide that we will be putting Facebook ads that target people like you. If at that point you decide not to buy from us either way, that is entirely fine. We want to help you ensure that you are still staying RRP compliant if you do any remodeling that may require it.

It is entirely up to you. We encourage you to allow the use of cookies when you visit and interact with Check4Lead. We can keep showing you the most relevant content and perhaps remind you once you leave something in the cart. Maybe you ended up accidentally leaving the website. If you don’t allow cookies, you will not buy the products from our website. We would be sad about that!

Why we believe cookies are beneficial

We are not going to lie. The sale of the test kits that we offer on our website helps maintain our business. It allows us to keep spreading the message about lead testing. After all, the team that helps make this possible has to eat also. We hope you can understand our stance.

When you are using other services like Facebook, you are probably aware that they will show you many ads that may be more or less relevant to you. If you are anything like us, you would rather want that the ads are more specifically tailored to your interests than not. It might seem like an invasion of your privacy. We do not obtain additional personally-identifiable information from placing cookies. If you disable cookies, you will still be shown ads on Facebook. They will be less relevant to you.

Maybe you truly meant to buy lead paint testing products. We hope that our ads will help you remember, rather than have our ads aggravate when you see them across the internet.

We also believe that cookies on our site make it easier to use it. It allows us to implement a bunch of features that we couldn’t otherwise implement. They allow us to show you the most relevant results when you get to the home page. Based on the products you visited in the past, we can either show you some of the same products. Instead, we may base our suggestions on what you seem to have indicated an interest in earlier.

If you previously purchased a D-Lead product, we might choose to show you one of the products from the same manufacturer. It could also be that that manufacturer has come out with a new product that we think you might want to know about. All those decisions can be influenced by whether or not you let Check4Lead store cookies on your computer or not. Suppose you delete the cookies from your computer and don’t sign into Check4Lead when you visit. We won’t be able to provide you with those recommendations in the future. It’s always easy to change your preferences if you change your mind at some point.

Don’t want to allow Check4Lead to store cookies?

We understand if you don’t want to allow Check4Lead to store cookies on your computer. We want to make it easy for you to change your preferences and implement them. We can’t go through every possible way that you might disable cookies. The easiest way is to find out which browser you are using and Googling “how to disable cookies in X” and replace X with the name of your browser.

What are the cookies we store?

  • There are cookies related to you creating an account on Check4Lead. It includes various things for the signup process and general administration. Some of the cookies will stay on your computer, while others are deleted if you don’t stay logged in.
  • If you ever wondered how you can stay logged in on websites, that is because of the use of cookies. If you go ahead and entirely deactivate cookies, you may not be able to log in. If the cookies are cleared, you will also need to sign back into Check4Lead the next time you decide to visit.
  • Cookies related to your various preferences when you are visiting the site. They allow us to better tailor your experience, recommend new articles like this one on how to repair plaster.

Cookies that we do not control – third party cookies

When you visit Check4Lead, there are also cookies beyond the ones we have included on the site. Sometimes, they’re offered by some of the services that we use for various reasons. It’s all to make your experience a better one. We may not affect the cookies that this third-party software may store immediately. They are the only ones we have chosen to trust on this site, including reputable companies.

The list below is not exhaustive but includes some of the companies likely to store cookies, how they will do so, what we use them for etc.

  • Like most of the internet, we use Google Analytics. It is a trusted website analytics solution offered by Google that provides comprehensive, non personally-identifiable information on user behavior. We can track statistics to further improve your experience with Check4Lead. The cookies that are stored by Analytics includes ones that track your behavior when you navigate the platform. It includes which order you visit pages in and how long you spend reading articles. These all help us understand which parts of Check4Lead our users like, and which parts need to be improved. A short amount of time spent on a page like the article on inner city public schools could be indicative of an issue with the article.
  • We use the information from the analytics provided by such services to better figure out which lead paint safety articles our users are interested in. It tells us how to improve our offering.
  • If we are changing aspects of the site, we will often temporarily enable new features. We may choose to only have those implemented until we either figure out that the users like them. If we find out the contrary is the case, we may choose to disable them rather quickly. When we discover that there’s a general interest in the features, we figure out the appropriate ways to make those features permanent. We finalize their permanent implementation.
  • The tracking of the information we manage with the use of cookies affects our business decisions. It means we are better able to help you get the lead tests, respirators and other things at the cost you can afford. It’s usually a lot cheaper than what may be the case through other websites. We make sure that they are still financial decisions that we are making.
  • We may have advertisers that use cookies too. One of the examples that could be highlighted is common when you go from website to website across the internet would be Google’s Adsense service. It is largely made possible with the use of cookies. We may both choose to display ads on our site but may also choose to engage in buying ads from Adsense. You might be more likely to see our advertisement on pages that are using that program also. It could be that you get an ad for lead tests when you are reading on one of your favorite news sites.
  • We integrate various features with the use of social media. It requires the use of cookies for us to be able to allow you to log in with that feature. Some people may prefer not to get individual logins for each of the sites that they engage and buy on. The use of social media logins can be a great way to still enable all the functionality that you want while avoiding other things.

We understand that many people have privacy concerns when navigating the internet. We also hope you understand we are only using these cookies to improve your experience on our site. If you have any questions regarding our use, do feel free to reach out to us.

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