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Who we are

This privacy policy page applies to the platform, It includes other channels owned and operated by TD Lead LLC, and we generally provide useful information on lead testing practices. It includes selling the industry-set standard of 3M and D-Lead products that our users come to us for. They’re used when they have a home built before 1978.

We have a set of terms and conditions and an extensive about us page, and our contact page. This page is dedicated to our privacy policy. Be sure to read each of the different pages to understand better who we are and where we come from. We’ll explain why we believe you should buy your lead testing supplies from us.

Some brief information on our business

Check4Lead and our affiliates provide various services through our various platforms, including Our success largely depends on our interaction with customers just like you that come to our website and believe in the products and information that we provide. We must gain your trust. It includes elaborating on which privacy measures we take to protect your information, as well as what we may choose to use the information for.

We are committed to transparency around the topic of privacy. It’s the same way we made a very elaborate section on why we use cookies on this site. We believe it is beneficial for your experience having them activated as you interact with Check4Lead.

As with anything online, the world is moving very fast. We are also committing to updating our privacy policy as we see fit to accurately reflect the industry standard and allow us to gain the users’ trust.

We do respect your privacy and do value your business. We still collect the necessary information that might be useful in helping us run the business and provide the best experience possible to our users.

This privacy policy page talks about the types of privacy information we gather and what we do with it. We do not share personally-identifiable information about Check4Lead’s users outside of how it is clearly stated.

Our policy is subject to change, and you are solely responsible for staying up to date on it, as you accept our terms by using our platform. Bookmark this page to stay on top of any updates to our policy.

Information about the data that we gather

At Check4Lead, we gather two types of information described in their sections below. It includes what we use each type for.

Non-personally identifiable information

With the help of cookies outlined on its page, we gather a lot of information on users using Check4Lead. We aggregate it. This will include a variety of things, such as how many people visit each page on the website. It includes how many links they click and the typical journey they go on when they visit. This is all information gathered at a high level, and we cannot identify individual users based on this information. However, we track certain stuff like which states our visitors come from. If you visit certain websites, like social media websites such as Facebook, additional information may be passed on to us.

Some of this non-identifiable information includes statistics on IP addresses and operating systems. It can be the browser software commonly used for our platforms. It helps us optimize our platform for the devices our users are using. None of the information covered in this section constitutes personally identifiable information in itself. However, IP addresses may give us a high-level understanding of our users’ location. Some of this high-level non-personally identifiable information may be used for advertiser purposes. Advertisers may better understand our user statistics and, if they have advertised, how many people from each region have interacted with their ads.

To manage many of these things, Check4Lead uses cookies that are small files stored on your computer for some time. You can remove them and disallow our use of those files if you desire. They serve important purposes for us to learn which of our successful campaigns.

Third party software

Check4Lead uses various 3rd party software that may also use their cookies and thereby aggregate a bunch of privacy information on our user base. We refer to each of those individual services to understand how they address privacy issues. Third-party software may place cookies on your computer when you visit Check4Lead. We encourage you to visit this video that further describes what to expect from 3rd party cookies. We do not assume any responsibility for how such services may use the information they gather. We are often very limited in influencing what they are recording.

Personally identifiable information

Contrary to the information mentioned in the previous section, we also collect personally identifiable information. However, this information isn’t collected automatically, as is a lot of the other information. We rely on you submitting this information to us for us to be able to get it. However, we do collect it on different parts of the website.

Suppose you submit a form to enter personally identifiable information such as your name, phone number, or email. In that case, this information is stored in our databases and can be accessed when deemed necessary. We also have to ask for your billing and mailing address and other information to process credit card purchases when buying lead test kits.

Other features include ones offered through third-party software such as chat services. They may also be likely to store such information, which will allow us to better assist you in answering various questions. If you choose to engage with us offline or over the phone, such information may also be stored.

It is important to know that you may not use our website or services unless you are over 18. We do not knowingly collect people under 18. No one who is not legally entitled to purchase products online should be visiting Check4Lead. Our services are exclusively offered to adults.

What we do with the information that we collect

We encourage everyone to read our privacy policy and abide by it, including third parties. It includes advertisers we engage with. We cannot assume any responsibility for the actions taken by others. It includes if a user accidentally leaves personally identifiable information on a public part of the website. It includes but is not limited to a community thread or other places where other users may be able to access it publicly.

The non-personally identifiable information improves the platform and gathers statistics on users. In contrast, personally-identifiable information is used to improve our targeted offering to individuals. We’ll know their preferences through targeted marketing campaigns. It includes but is not limited to Facebook ad campaigns.

Changing or deleting personal information from Check4Lead

We take your privacy very seriously. Users may wish to remove their information from Check4Lead’s systems and databases. We give you the option to have that information deleted by going to our contact us page and sending us an email with your specific wishes. We strive to remove all the information you and your use from our systems. We take reasonable efforts to comply with the request to remove such information. Reach out if you find that any of the information on file is incorrect or that corrections need to be made. It could be things such as the name or address. We invite you to send us a message with such information so we can go ahead and get it addressed as fast as possible. There may be hard information for us to remove from the systems. However, this information is non-personally identifiable. It may hide in certain databases, access logs, and other records. This information is typically non-personally identifiable. We cannot entirely rule out that some of it may be personally identifiable. The information that may remain in our systems will not be used commercially. We ensure any such information used for commercial purposes gets adequately cleaned upon request. We do reserve the right to re-contact former users of Check4Lead on occasion.


Check4Lead takes a lot of precautions to ensure that all the information that goes through our platform stays properly protected. One of the measures that we use for that includes SSL encryption. As a company that provides products where safety is a goal, we set the bar high in handling security measures. We cannot ensure that users access our platform through a safe connection to let others listen in on their computers. The SSL protection on the site should properly protect your information and your engagement with the site. It assumes you also access it responsibly.

We restrict access to data to ensure that it is not simply anyone who can access both non-personally identifiable information and personally identifiable information. It is in part is done by only giving database access to key personnel that may need it for their operations. We always keep this page easily accessible to ensure that anyone, whether user r employee, is associated with Check4Lead. You can easily get the information they need on our security practices. We require any user to check this information every time they access the platform to check for updates.

We use advanced software that helps encrypt everything on the site. It makes it safe for our users to access the features requiring them to put in their credit card numbers and other vulnerable information. Maybe you are curious to learn more about the steps we take to ensure safety and security on Check4. We invite you to send us an email with your questions.

The limitations

Our site is only intended for and should strictly be used by users in the United States. Anything provided on this platform is only intended for those users. Anyone outside of the United States should leave the platform.

Other resources of interest

We have taken a lot of time and effort to ensure we provide you with lead testing resources. We want to take this great opportunity to draw attention to some resources on this website. We always appreciate your business when you or someone else you know chooses to buy lead paint test kits from us. It is what helps us do what it is we do. You are helping us not just create a safer America where consumers aren’t exposed to the same amount of lead that they used to be. Still, you’re also helping us create these resources that we have hundreds of users visiting every day. You aren’t just having an immediate impact on the family whose home you’re working on. You’re also helping us further the mission of creating a safer America.

We’d also like to draw your attention to some of the other resources we have. It includes properly removing the past from walls and replacing it with drywall. It has helped educate thousands of users on safer practices. This very extensive resource that includes everything you need to know about testing for lead.

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