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Check4Lead is a business dedicated to safe construction practices. Millions of people across the US are affected by the presence of lead, and without the proper procedures, your family could be at risk too.

We only work together with companies providing EPA-approved lead test kits. It is our goal to expand our product offering and helping ensure the safety of both professionals and families.

We encourage you to follow our blog where we post informative content as it relates to dealing with lead. We also encourage you to check out EPA’s lead section, which includes their pamphlet on keeping your family safe.

We have been in the business of helping businesses, homeowners and people otherwise dealing with lead testing actually complying with important EPA regulation since 2007, why we can frankly say that we believe we know what we are talking about.

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Why is this an issue we care so deeply about?

If you start looking around, you will find that even if the use of lead paint for homes was banned in 1978, the exposure to the material is still very real, with people being exposed through a variety of different sources, some of them including the old homes that they may live in. If you live in old public housing, such as some of those in the Bronx, there is a very pervasive threat of lead exposure and the many different health effects that it brings along with it. If you have some spare time on your hands, we encourage you to read more about the situation in the Melrose housing in the Bronx. Fortunately they are finally taking measures to remedy the situation.

We have made a very substantial FAQ that address a lot of the common questions we get answered, where you can also get an impression of why we stand so firm on the topic as we do.

There are many negative consequences of lead exposure, especially if it happens over the span of months or years, but any exposure will lead to the buildup in the body, and can have devastating health consequences.

While it is still significantly a risk for homes that were built before the ban went into place, it is still very much something that people need to be aware of because you might very easily end up ordering something from abroad that contains levels of lead a lot higher than what is allowed in the US. If you are buying either spices, kids’ toys or other products when you either go abroad, or if you buy them where they have been shipped from abroad, you do risk significant lead exposure, as those objects have often been found to not comply with US regulation.

Who should make themselves more educated on the topic, and why is our recommendation what it is?

We actually encourage everyone to become more aware of the dangers of lead exposure, whether you live in a home that was built back when it was used in paint or not, as the exposure to the material is dangerous no matter how old you are.

There are however reasons why we do believe that some groups of individuals ought to be especially aware of the legislation as they are significantly more likely to be impacted by its presence than other people are.

People with kids

Lead exposure in kids is especially harmful, especially if your kid is younger than 6 years old. It can have devastating effects on your kid’s developmental abilities, both mental and physical and while you may not live in a home that is supposed to have lead in it because of when it was built, there is still the risk that the soil around it has substantial levels of lead in it because of what was built in the earth prior to you building your home there.

Abatement is important in homes, and you surely don’t want to be planting a vegetable garden, or engaging in other activities that may further expose you or those you love. If you start planting vegetables in contaminated soil, those vegetables will soak up part of the dangerous substances and you’ll be digesting them as you eat the fruits of your labor. Given the inherent health risk especially associated with kids, that is the reason why we encourage families to be especially aware of the consequences.

There are other sections that will be elaborated on in the section on why contractors need to familiarize themselves with the EPA’s RRP regulation.

If you are either a contractor or doing home improvement work

Home improvement and remodeling work that is done on a building that was built before 1978 is required to abide by the EPA’s RRP rules, which requires extensive testing of surfaces that have paint that may be affected by the remodeling work.

If you are either a contractor or someone engaging in such activities as covered by the RRP, you will want to comply with the regulation they have provided as you are otherwise potentially exposing yourself to not just a great deal of financial risk, but you may also be putting your health on the line if you don’t get the necessary training and certifications to know how to safely handle lead paint, which could lead to the same health effects that other adults are at risk of if exposed to lead.

If you are about to start working on a wall that needs to be sanded down before you can do to it what you want, and you start sanding it down not knowing there’s lead in it, you are suddenly unleashing an army of lead dust particles that can enter your lungs and accumulate in your blood, and in the worst case scenarios, it can even be fatal. If that isn’t enough to convince you you should ensure compliance with RRP regulation, then knowing that you may risk very substantial fines if you don’t comply with the regulation may otherwise convince you that you need the certification to know how to appropriately deal with the improvement of old buildings.

If you don’t comply with the regulation you are usually fined $10,000 per case, although up to $17,834 per case for RRP violations, which should convince you that paying the fee necessary for getting the certification is definitely a worthwhile investment.

If you are an every-day adult

The consequences of lead exposure are severe, especially if they are extensive with exposure ranging over a longer period of time. While you may not immediately be in the most exposed group since you’re not a contractor remodeling old homes, or a family that has kids that are especially at risk, it’s good to know of the dangers of buying things from abroad where you aren’t sure about how those things were in fact produced.

Thinking twice before you buy your niece a toy from abroad is a good idea and could just help you be a better uncle.

While we understand that this may be painting a very gloomy picture of the situation, the reality is that many kids show up at the doctor with elevated levels of lead in their blood, which will have devastating effects on them, and several exposures to lead still exist, why we at least want to educate you so you know what you should be aware of.

If anything, we hope that this may have given you some interest in pursuing further reading on our blog, where we post a lot of information regarding lead testing and EPA news.

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