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Oral Lead Poisoning Test KIt $61.20

Until recently the only accurate way to test for lead poisoning was through blood serum drawn with a needle or finger sticks. Now a safer, less invasive method is available through oral saliva testing. This is a truly ouch-less test—saliva samples have been collected from children sleeping in their mother’s arms.

The clinical trial was designed and correlated by Dr. Anil T. Mangia, Chair of the Material and Child Health Section Georgia Public Health Association. “The success of this study is a milestone for lead testing on a universal scale,” said Dr. Mangia. “Children living in inner cities are at higher risk of being exposed to lead due to older homes. Also, unlike blood samples which need to be refrigerated, oral fluid swabs do not need refrigerated storage. This is a major benefit when marketed to third world countries.” Click here to learn more.

Renovation workers and their families are potentially exposed to lead from work on pre-1978 buildings. But lead paint is not the only problem. Recently I talked to a lady who was undergoing Chelation Therapy for lead poisoning. The source was quite a surprise – she was lead-poisoned by the lead in a spice imported from outside the U.S. For a complete list see Medline Plus.

In some cases, no symptoms are apparent and this is what makes lead poisoning so insidious. Some common symptoms are loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, constipation, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, moodiness, headache, joint or muscle aches, anemia, and decreased sexual drive. Severe health effects include damage to the nervous system, convulsion, or seizures. Lead poisoning in children can severely affect mental and physical development, and can cause a plethora of behavioral problems. Very high levels of lead in the bloodstream can be fatal for people of any age.

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